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We are part of the Department of Medical Physics in the School of Medicine and Public Health, home of the largest graduate program in Medical Physics in the world. Here you will find information about the team, our research projects, the lab spaces and resources, and recent news about the lab. Please reach out to us! We are always enthused by new collaborations.

Why Quantitative Ultrasound

We live in the era of precision medicine with data-driven decision-making, in which patient care is personalized to achieve the best possible outcomes. Key to the personalization of patient care is the need for objective information about the structure and function of the tissues that compose the body of each patient. Ultrasound imaging can play an important role as a source of this information due to its potential as a tool for measuring quantitative properties of tissue at several spatial and temporal scales. This particular use of ultrasound imaging is referred to as Quantitative ultrasound. Moreover, because of the safety, portability, and cost-effectiveness of ultrasound imaging, our research in quantitative ultrasound contributes to extend the benefits of precision medicine to more patients, from small clinics in rural areas to the intensive care units of third level hospitals. Learn more about our research.

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News at the QUL

  • 1/15/2024 – Dr. Fabián Torres and Dr. Raúl Esquivel (Institute of Physics at UNAM, Mexico) and  Dr. Ivan Rosado-Mendez (QUL) published an article on the magazine C2 (Science and Culture, in Spanish) on the basics of ultrasound imaging and the importance of new quantitative ultrasound techniques in clinical practice.