The Lab

Our Mission

Leverage the practicality and widespread use of ultrasound imaging to provide clinicians with accurate and precise information about tissue structure and function.

Our Strategy

To achieve our mission, we rely on a strategy focused on developing ultrasound imaging methods that provide quantitative biomarkers. A quantitative imaging biomarker is a feature extracted from in vivo medical image data that quantifies the health(?) of the tissue or can be used for monitoring its changes through a disease process or response to a treatment.

This strategy starts by developing the physical and engineering basis for biomarker quantification, followed by the evaluation of the technical performance (assessment of bias and sources of variability). Then, we test the clinical performance of the biomarkers, i.e., the correlation with the structural or functional characteristic of tissue, as well as its performance for a specific task, like diagnosis, prognosis, surveillance, etc.

Our Vision

There is great potential for ultrasound imaging as a leading source of objective patient information through quantitative imaging biomarkers. In combination with machine learning, quantitative ultrasound imaging can provide reproducible and robust decision support tools to clinicians and facilitate reproducible imaging and smart use of scanners. Furthermore, the implementation of quantitative imaging in portable systems (some small enough to fit in your pocket) may contribute to a more equitable access to personalized patient management.